Trying to Reassure Myself…..

Its has been a long, busy week in our household.  I’m trying to figure out all this home school stuff, among other things LOL.  I know I only have one kiddo and she’s only doing kindergarten in the fall, but I’m worried. I need to just relax and trust in GOD.  Easier said than done in my case.  My kiddo has some mild developmental delays and sensory processing disorder.  She has started going to Occupational Therapy once a week to work on these issues and I’m very hopeful that everything will work itself out in the end.

What amazes me about her is that she has these issues with her physical body, yet her mind is working amazingly well.  She is reading books on a 1st grade level, doing addition and subtraction, knows tons of stuff about animal and dinosaurs (her favorite topics right now).  She is like a sponge, absorbing everything and she remembers it all, it seems.  She is a non-stop talker too.  If she could write down what she is talking about I’m sure the amount would be voluminous, we are talking Encyclopedia Britannica here, LOL.  BUT alas, because of her fine motor delay she hates writing, and is just in the last year been able to write her name.  If fact she has never like to color or do crafts.  If I give her a piece of paper to cut with scissors she is content, but if I give her a shape to cut out she just doesn’t want to try it.  I don’t try to push it because I want her to have success and not be turned off from it forever.

I purchased the Handwriting Without Tears for kindergarten set used (I got a steal too) to use in the fall with her.  I’m excited to use it!  As it turns out, the OT uses the same Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum.  So, I’m thinking that things will go smoothly in the fall, since she will already be familiar with it from OT.

As far as the other subjects go, I haven’t really purchased any curriculum.  I have some workbooks for math and phonics.  Science I plan to use online sources and daily life happenings. She is into being “green” and helping our planet, so I’m sure some lessons on recycling and gardening will be included. We love being outside and live in the woods, so there is always something fun to learn.  Social Studies/history will include activities and reading about the holidays, other cultures and places, learning about jobs, and basic human needs.  I also purchased The Little Kids Adventure Bible  to get her started learning more about GOD and our relationship with HIM.  I’m sure I will be learning right along side her in this.  The Bible was never a part of my life until I was in my 20’s, so I’m not that knowledgeable in this area, but am willing to learn it with her and get to know Our God better myself.

I know I have a handle on the curriculum we will be using, I just need to get organized and figure out a schedule.  And then there is record keeping and end of year assessments…..

But those are topics for another day.


5 Comments to “Trying to Reassure Myself…..”

  1. Have you ever thought of giving her a tape player and you write for her after she is done telling it?

  2. I think you have an excellent start here. Maybe limit the math in a workbook and incorporate it throughout your day. Playing store was always a hit in Kindergarten, and it involves both the value of money and adding and subtracting. Cooking is great for counting and measuring. Puzzles, tangrams, measuring and weighing toys. Using food, also a hit. Not sure if cheerios, maybe Trader Joe o’s, are okay, but there are some great cheerios math books. I wish you success!

    • Thanks Kerry! Do you teach?
      For math she does well with computer games. She uses reader rabbit math and another one I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. I got the books so she could start writing her numbers. She also uses an iTouch app and does well with the math on there. Thanks for the other ideas. Cheerios wouldn’t work but I know cereal that could take it’s place. thanks again!

  3. Found you from the Special Needs Mamas Blog Frog community.

    I am sure you will do great! I pulled my son out of the Developmental Delay Preschool Classroom in January because he had kind of graduated. I started schooling a bit, then took a break as I tried to figure it all out. One tip I’ll pass that helped my son learn to cut shapes when he was in school–they made the shapes with REALLY THICK lines from huge markers. You can use highlighter too. That way the cutting was a bit crooked, but he still cut out the shape. He took to cutting pretty fast after that. Have you tried cutting playdough? An OT recommended that, too.

    So excited for you! You have a daughter that’s ready to go. You can do it!

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