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May 6, 2011

Joyous Friday

It’s Friday! A beautiful sun shiny day! We are going to get outside and play today!

I enjoy Fridays because I can reflect on what we have done during the week and make plans for the weekend and another week ahead.  We had a good week and I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day on Sunday to maybe get a little “ME” time.  That probably won’t happen, I’ll be the one making breakfast and taking care of everyone else as usual.  But a girl can hope that one day someone will take care of her.  I have thought about just not doing anything and see where that gets me, but it’s sure to backfire and then Monday morning I will have twice as much work to do.  It seems no one but me knows how to load the dishwasher, or run a load of laundry. I am the MOM and I alone take care of these things and all that is household! So to all the mothers out there I say Happy Mother’s Day! May you get whatever it is that you want for your special day.