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August 16, 2011

Our Kindergarten Classroom

My original option was to do our work in the kitchen, but because my step-son decided to continue high school in Connecticut we now have a School room! I always secretly longed to have a room devoted to school.  I just think for our family it will make things easier.  Everything will have a place and I will be able to shut the door and school will be over.

So, here are some pics of what it looks like as of now. I’m sure things will get changed a bit as we get used to being in there and find out what we do and don’t need.

This is our work area. Little Girl sits on a therapy ball to do her work, so she still gets the movement she needs while getting her work done.

Little Girl’s workboxes.  We use 9 boxes and it has been working well for Kindergarten, so far.  We also do the calendar first thing every morning with the day of the week, the number day and the weather.  Below the Calendar is the basket of library books and early readers that she will be reading aloud to me.

This area is for storage of curriculum and manipulatives, as well as the printer and soon the laminator!  To the right of this unit is a bureau that holds more supplies and things not needed daily.

This is my computer and desk, I just use this for research and printing, I have another computer in the living room for non-school things (like writing this blog).

That is pretty much our school room right now.  There are a few things that I have seen in others rooms that I would love someday, but for now I am happy here.

August 15, 2011

School is Now in Session!

As of August 1st, we are official Home Schoolers! I sort of jumped in without being totally prepared, but that’s really just how I roll.  Things have been going pretty well, most days. We have been focusing on the 3R’s mostly with some nature walks and geography thrown in here and there.  The first week I thought we would start around 8 am, seeing as though Little girl is up by 6 most days.  We have since moved our start time to 9am, as Mommy wasn’t able to get herself together for 8am.  We are using a modified Work box system that is working well for us.  I will post more about this later.

Handwriting actually has been going very well considering Little Girl’s fine motor delay and aversion to writing altogether.  We are using Handwriting Without Tears-Kindergarten and one of the first things we did was build Mat Man with the wooden pieces.  She really enjoyed this and proceeded  to make her whole family using the wooden pieces. 

Little Girl is a Kinesthetic and Visual learner so I am trying to find ways to get movement/hands-on and visuals into our lessons.  One of our first math lessons I used the easel set up with math problems.


As we were looking over the Big World Map on the wall, I asked her what country she would like to learn more about, and she chose China.  So, we went to the library and got a few books about China. I plan to do the China lapbook from  I will post about that once we have it completed.  I have also been making some File Folder games and using those with her for math and phonics/reading.  So far, things are going well and I am looking forward to a great year homeschooling my Little Girl.